Croncanitul ciorii – legenda hindu

„All the birds of the Universe often got together to sing hymns praising nature and God. Among them nightingales, canaries, finches, etc. they all sang together… and also the crane, with its disagreeable squawk! It was too much and the other birds decided to exclude him from the group. Suddenly the king appeared to find out why he could no longer hear the voice of the crane… When the rest of the birds explained, the sovereign replied: „You have acted wrongly! The singing of the crane is part of creation’s concert and its inharmonious notes help to heighten the beauty of the harmonic notes.”

When we believe that we can not stand certain people or certain things, some religion or a philosophy that are strange to us and we judge that they in some way disturb our way of thinking and therefore shall be eliminated; when we believe that only our ideologies and our rules, or those established by our countrymen and sympathizers are those that shall prevail under any circumstance, let us remember this hindu legend. Let us establish harmony and equilibrium within ourselves and thus project it outwards in our relationships with others. It is useless to speak of peace, beauty and light, if our internal dimension is full of disharmony, chaos and darkness. Let us analyze ourselves and when we find destructive wishes and wanting that are negative in our hearts, let us sincerely eliminate them, for our own good and those that surround us.

That our actions and words be translated into equilibrium between our intellect and our feelings, a way of life that must constantly be in check so that we may become, in a smaller scale, a reflection of the Great Harmony that rules the Universe!

by Tomeji Ito